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tv gets the converstion started weekdays 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. ♪ >> hal: so welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in. and of course jacki schechner with us. and we're in day two. it's shameless plug time this weekend, sunday night i am doing a show out of a comedy club called flappers here which is on internet, and you can watch it and not only buy a ticket to the show and see it live. it is only live just like if you bought a ticket to see it at a comedy club. >> what time is it? >> hal: 7:00. >> bile asleep. >> hal: yes. you'll be asleep. but i'm giving a couple of other cometics i know and love a platform. so if you like a joke you tip them. and it's a great way for them -- comics who can't quite get out on the road and start touring yet -- >> what is the website? >> hal: it's called you can go to, and get it to. it's out of flappers here in burb
saw this terrifying epidemic, bob and the country responded with tear targeted for gay people, people of color directly impacted today are the key populations from the beginning. she stopped on the cheap in cascade is she made a comment if you work in hiv now if you're sick of hearing what were all talking about. assorted shows some of the other factors other coming into play, that people could have insurance coverage, but if you don't have a.are you trust, you're not going to come in for care and those things play out everywhere. his extensive research that shows people are more likely to hear that you have the place of lives. that might seem pretty self-evident. we can document this, so lack of affordable housing is a big barrier. still today we have the american factory people pay incredible amount. i have to say i worked in hiv for a long time and when i was at the white house had the privilege to work with mayra. one of the things that surprised me was the extent to which discrimination is still so bad. we did community discussions across the country met privately with people and
marco. thank you for your service. >> the chair recognizes the gentlelady from minnesota, ms. bob denver when i met. >> thank you, mr. chairman. also to her witness as what do we learn this millions of americans have been big guns by these policies. they've lost a leg with billions of dollars of assets. the people who suffer more than any power at the bottom end of the scale, the african-american community have suffered from these policies. we see over 90% of the mortgages having access to government involvement. this doesn't even pass the following off the chair laughing test to think this a public-private partnership. it's not. this is the federal government. it's been a failure. when are we going to release the government has been a lousy steward of people's money and also at the same time disadvantage people with well-meaning programs. we need to pay back taxpayers who funded this bailout, get them out of the gses to change her thank you good idea die. >> the gentlelady from missouri, ms. wagner for one another. >> thank you, mr. chairman. as we continue this debate, and keeping your though
, their condition remains unknown. the shooting happened about 2 mi. away from monday's deadly officer bob shooting. this is video from a helicopter part of with abc's seven news. in this case officers were chasing a stolen car and opened fire on the driver when he tried to run over officer. a passenger in a stolen car is now facing several charges. >> the family of 14 year-old santa rosa boy who died when he was hit by a race car driven by his cousin saturday is planning a memorial. the boy's grandfather says there'll be a private funeral saturday followed by public memorial sunday. markets and johnson was an eighth grader who was in the pit area of the marysville race track with his cousins race car was off the track and hit him along with another big dumb, up and they'l victim dale wonderge. he also died. the family says the driver, a 17 year- old petaluma high school student was like a brother to the victim. police are looking for a man who made off with the 5,600 lbs. will copper wire from a pg&e storage yard. the copper was stolen on sunday and is valued at more than $25,000. police said the
minister. hal: baghdad bob. caller: this is a guy who said the americans are consulting themselves outside the city, no one's coming here and there's two tanks standing behind him across the river no he had some really good ones. you can find them kind of listed everywhere. there are no american infidels in baghdad. never. hal: it's called alternative reality. they can all pretend things aren't the way they are and create slogans like that never happened. caller: i love that guy. i think someday was selling pictures of him on that tee shirts and aprons now. hal: absolutely. my feeling as usual, we will slaughter them all. i love the as usual part of that particular quote. my feelings as usual are our initial assessment is that they will all die. caller: by thursday. hal: surrender! it was really like it makes what's his name, the ventriloquist with the dead parrot puppettism jeff dunham. hal: make his lines sound written. caller: he was awful. hal: oops, i lost you there. good one for that. i also want to go to scott. we actually have a quote to go with this one. you know, let's get him up
. ♪ >> hal: see what i mean. here is jacki, now she's bobbing her head. [ laughter ] >> hal: you can say what you will about metal but there is something -- listen for the warmth of a distorted guitar. we got to take calls, i don't want to get off on a tangent. but the guy who did stuff about water crystals -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> he missed it. >> hal: i know as my nature i'm so pushy in general -- the guy who did the water crystals where he wrote the words love on them and used loving thoughts and then put them under an electron microscope and they looked at how water crystals froze, and they were all beautiful. when they tried metal they looked like the beautiful diamond formations but they are all shook up. and i would say what that actually means is -- and this is why a lot of hard music is used by people in political movements especially on the left because it shakes up the status quo, it literally does that to your system, and then it is way more inviting on the other side than you think. anyway let's take calls. let's go to laurie in new mexico. >> c
is about to take that charge. a number of those who have looked at it carefully, for example bob filner, who was the head of the veterans committee in the house, who very much embraced reform ideas for the disability system. he left congress now and is mayor of san diego. so some of them have moved on. >> [indiscernible] say there's more hope for some reforms in the veteran's disability area than the overall reform. >> [inaudible] >> two years ago when doug holtz-eakin and i were leading a discussion on the lifting of debt ceiling, some other republicans who were there actually walked out of the room. this year we did not have that. people were more willing to listen. i think the extreme wing of the tea party typically does not attend the harvard new members conferences. [laughter] in my experience. >> among economists, is very significant debate about your estimate, and if so, what are the key issues that would we be doing that we would be tangling with you on? >> that is a great question. the original estimates came back to us early on from a former student of mine who was working in
's go to bob in illinois. >> caller: hey, listen i'm a progressive. i'm also jewish, i live in scoki, illinois. >> hal: there are other jews there, i have heard. >> caller: oh, yeah. i'm progressive here in the states. when it becomes to israel i'm probably a little bit more on the right. here is the reality. you know how we see there is really nobody to negotiate with in the congress. >> hal: uh-huh. >> caller: unfortunately you have the situation with the palestinians, you have hamas, which is dead set against doing anything with israel and you have fatau, which has its hands tied. let me ask you a question hal, realistically. if you want to stop the israelis from continuing to build settlements, wouldn't you sit down and start to negotiate? because the settlements would probably stop once the negotiations get really serious? >> hal: there have been several times where israel has made an agreement specifically about not moving forward with settlements, and then has continued to move forward with settlements even after -- you know -- like that was the decision.
reform an entitlement cuts we had, bob corker certainly staunchly conservative republican on the show on "fox news sunday" last week and said if the president were really to go out there and sell entitlement reform, give political cover to democrats and republicans i think republicans would go for more tax revenue. bill: what do you think? have you heard something like that come from this white house since the election? >> no, no, i haven't and that's why i think, you know, if you were going to bet you would bet very much against there being a deal. it is a question how serious everybody wants to get. there's a deal to be made and everybody understands what it would be. it is not that far from bowles-simpson was proposed in the bipartisan presidential commission in september of 2010, but nobody has been willing it make that deal. bill: take it outside of washington. our fox polling just conducted this week. should the federal government be forced to balance its budget just like american families? 85% say yes. >> oh absolutely. i'm sure, i don't know if there is a question out there, h
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in cross-examination because he faced the most -- the toughest prosecutor in the world in bob costas. which, of course, is all silliness. he looks and he seeks for attention. he's narcissistic. he can't accept his punishment. and he's looking to tell his story again. he's looking to tell it in a friendly forum and i'm sure he was convinced that this would be a friendly forum. >> how does that make the victims feel? >> terrible. enough is enough. my client insists that he testify at the sentencing hearing, which he did. he faced mr. sandusky, and he told him all of the things that he did to ruin his life. i am quite sure that every victim feels the same way. >> do you think he'll admit some of the things he says right now against him if you take this to civil court try to get some money out of it will this help you anything he says from behind bars? >> nothing mr. sandusky says or doesn't say is going to affect the civil lawsuits in my opinion. he, as a convicted felon and in fact mr. paterno's family and mr. paterno back when blamed mr. sandusky. penn state blamed mr. sandusky. everyone bel
. the question is, how does one of let chris christie in a place like new jersey and the bob macdonald and a place like virginia? very different east coast states. one is southern, one is no.. one is blue, the other trending purple. how you do that? it really was the message. the message was getting back to the fundamental idea of liberty, freedom, and opportunity. individual being empowered, not the government. having the wherewithal off to thethat in a way that message was the same, although translated differently. in other words, you speak the language of the people in the community in which you find them. i cannot, for example, go in front of a bunch of state and government employees talk about i want less government. all i said to them is i want to fire you. you talk about an efficient government that is responsive to people. that is a very different conversation. it is taking the message that off its core and translating it to people so they can understand it in their own language and see that values reflected. washington post" has a piece. the compare the general public opinion
that charge. i think a number of those who have looked at it carefully, for example, bob who was the head of the house veterans committee, who is very much embraced my reform ideas for the disability system. he left congress met andy is mayor of san diego. some of them have kind of moved on. i would say there's more hope for reform in the veterans disability area than the overall reform. [inaudible] >> you know, i would say two years ago when we had us do not this december 2 years ago when doug holtz-eakin and i were leading a discussion on the lifting of the debt ceiling, some of the republicans who were there, actually walked out of the room. this year we didn't have that. so, you know, people were more willing to listen, but i think that the extreme wing of the tea party typically does not attend the harvard new members conference this. [laughter] in my experience. >> jessica mathews. among economists, is there significant debate about your estimate, your five to $6 trillion estimate, are you still -- what are the key issues that if we were in a roomful if economists we would be tangli
. >> i'm bob. we talked at the stocks store. i did your taxes. >> i thought you were a tax expert? >> today i'm a master plumber. tracy:. >> the judge says there is nothing false or misleading about the ad. good thing it says about turbotax it is true. the implication you can go to h&r block and maybe not get someone who is experienced in tax preparation is true even though the employees are trained there. that said, david gordon of asymmetric says many of more successful ads released during the tax prep season focused on differentiation. showcasing each firm's unique value proposition. as for ads mentioned in the lawsuit he says while h&r block did complain about their aggressive nature, most of the viewers in the ad test for this survey show they barely noticed the difference. back to you. tracy: i haven't either. i used both products. finished tax return. at end of the day you go with who is easy and got nothing to do with the ads but what do i know? diane macedo thank you very much. >> thank you. adam: you're a tax expert. you know a lot. tracy: but i don't think the ads are t
bachmann the congresswoman bobbing and weaving pulling fast moves to duck some tough questions from dana. dana's pursuit of the congresswoman when we come back. >> the president went missing. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. nlove. as americans, we believed we can'tin freedom.person we that's what i fought for as a marine, and that's what we believe in as republicans. freedom means freedom for everyone. i didn't use to understand the importance of same-sex marriage, but after learning my brother was gay i wanted the same rights for him. he was the best man at my wedding and i want to be the best man at his. it's only fair that calvin should have the freedom to marry the pers
the road this deal, this possible grand bargain that's being talked about on capitol hill. senator bob corker, republican from tennessee, was on fox news sunday and addressed this issue of a possible deal with democrats on entitlements. take a listen. >> well, again, i think, i think there, by the way, is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things, and we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think that, you know, we'll know when the president is serious by virtue of a process that's set up where he is actually at the table or whether he has a designee and whether he begins to say publicly to the american people, to all americans that he understands that americans are only paying one-third of the cost of medicare, and that has to change for the program to be here down the road. but look, chris, i think, i think republicans if they saw true entitlement reform would be glad to look at tax reform that generates additional revenues. and that doesn't mean increasing rates. that means closing loopholes. it also means arranging our tax system so tha
agree with the study. here's some of your responses. >> bob e-mailed. i agree. my wife is my better half. she helps me to settle down and focus on the important things in life. >> sleepy one tweeted i agree. i got married at a young age and could not have accomplished what i have without my wife. >> keeny tweets i agree. now we live in hawaii thanks to hard work and lots of focus. thanks to everyone who responded. it is interesting because it is so different for the women and the men. how do you square that? >> i think as a woman, if you wait a little bit longer, if you want a career, i think it's wise to wait if you can. but when you fall in love, you just fall in love, you got to do it; right? >> our producer said we have no female responses to that, so the women are sleeping in. >> what do you think? >> no comment. have a great day everyone and happy spring! "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it's wednesday, march 20. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. >>> at least seven marines killed? a training exercise explosion. now outrage over senator harry reid's remarks. it
marco rubio and bob casey, casey, democrat of pennsylvania have provided more legislation to provide more support for the syrians. so i think the combination of the human catastrophe. then you add this development. i think it gets to a point where the question is, yes, engaging in some way and providing e resources on the ground are risky but riskier than where this is heading? >> how long do we wait? obviously, this is a country exhausted by ten years of war going into iraq for all of the wrong reasons a decade ago. our policy leaders remembering that but are we like generals fighting the last war who have the human catastrophe in front of us? 70,000 killed. so many displaced. how long do we -- >> we don't mind sitting out of humanitari humanitari humanitarian castastrophes. since 1998 most thing millions of people have been killed. we are looking at this for digit reasons so let's not fool ourselves about the humanitarian aspect of it. >> help me out here. i've asked this question of dr. bres brzezinski. i remember the million of people killed in rwanda and two million killed in su
things will continue. as bob gates said at the national foreign intelligence abruptn 1976 -- 1988, discontinuity is sometimes the last individual to recognize that is the regional analyst. he or she tends to think things will continue. we initially were overly depend on our allies. understanding to what was going on. we minimize also, which was very unfortunate, the military capabilities and objectives and objectives of egypt and syria. we played down the significance of military indicators that egypt and syria were intent on war and willing to pay an extremely high price in blood and treasure. we listened to the mistake and opinion of foreign leaders. we did that in 1990 when the saddam hussein invaded kuwait. we all should read the outstanding review of the intelligence community post- mortem program. 1973-1975. it has been declassified. very instructive. should be required reading for young officers entering intelligence. the lessons unfortunately are hard to learn. we are much better intelligence community that we have ever been. we have more intelligence. we understand it bet
.gran demora en aeropuertos.mujeres implicaron a bob menendez a cambio de dinero.un informe del partido republicano le recomienda apoyar una reforma migratoria y cambiar su estrategia para atraer a hispanos y otras minorias.las revisiones de aduana y equipaje se tornaron larguisimas en aeropuertos de estados unidos, y las autoridades dicen que se deben a los recortes al presupuesto policia dominicana dijo que tres mujeres cobraron para implicar al senador bob menendez en un escandalo de prostitucion.ahora el senador le pidio a washington que investigue quien organizo el complot contra el.mas en despierta america
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Search Results 400 to 422 of about 423 (some duplicates have been removed)